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Light Painting Workshops – 2018/2019

Posted on Oct 4 by

I’m excited to announce that I am once again taking bookings for my Light Painting Workshops (head on over to my Portfolio page if you would like to see what kind of work we...


Upcoming exhibitions

Posted on Sep 30 by

My involvement with art exhibitions in 2018 has currently ended, but if you would like to view any of my work in an Art Gallery then please visit the following Gallery who keep...


Global Media Coverage

Posted on May 15 by

Check out my ‘Media Coverage’ tab for a comprehensive list of media coverage my work has been generating. Most recently, my Star Wars series has been drumming up some...


The Little People visit John Lewis

Posted on Nov 14 by

It has taken a lot of time to help make this happen, but all of the effort has been well worth it. The Little People have finally managed to make it into John Lewis. Several of...


SONY Baby!

Posted on Dec 15 by

The Little People have something very special that they would like to share with everyone today: Quite incredibly, I was recently contacted by a PR company representing SONY. Long...



Posted on Jan 18 by

I AM DIFFERENT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XNewbMQEzo   I am delighted (and very excited) to introduce this particular Light Painting and the back story that goes with...


STAR WARS has landed…

Posted on Aug 27 by

A long time ago in an Art School far, far away… I got told off by my tutors for taking photographs of Star Wars toys whilst working my way through my Fine Art Photography...


E-book launch day has finally arrived!!

Posted on Jul 2 by

I am delighted to announce the release of my very first E-book: A step-by-step guide to Light Painting After five years of spinning lights around, I have finally managed to find...