The Little People have something very special that they would like to share with everyone today:

Quite incredibly, I was recently contacted by a PR company representing SONY. Long story short, they were interested in meeting the Little People and having them help out with a new SONY mobile phone launch.

The ‘SONY XPERIA Z5’ was launched in October. It has a very impressive zoom on its inbuilt camera and so the idea was that the Little People help show off just how impressive the zoom really is by posing for everyone at the launch night.

I was thrilled to hear that it all went down rather well!

Thanks so much to everyone involved, especially my good friend Ben – without your help I would quite simply not have been able to be involved in such a prestigious project.

Thanks SONY!! The little peeps are well chuffed…

You can see how the Little People performed by heading on over to my DGP Facebook page.