I am delighted to announce the release of my very first E-book:

A step-by-step guide to Light Painting

After five years of spinning lights around, I have finally managed to find the time to fulfill what has been a personal goal of mine for some time, writing a book about a subject that I love: Light Painting.

You do not need to be an experienced photographer to get the hang of (and enjoy) Light Painting. The main aim of this E-book is to try to save anyone who is new to Light Painting a heap of time by highlighting some of the key considerations that should be made such as:

– Getting your head around Light Painting

We take a closer look at the general concept of Light Painting: How does it work? What effects can you create?

– Camera Settings

I discuss the DSLR camera settings that work best

– Light Painting Tools

We take a look at a variety of portable light sources and look at examples of Light Paintings that can be created using each of them

– Light Painting Creations (including ‘How to create the perfect Orb’)

We take a closer look at several of the more popular forms of Light Painting: Orbs, Ribbons, Physiograms, Domes and Star Trails. I describe in complete detail with photographic illustrations and descriptions how you set about making each one. Every year I receive lots of emails from people asking me how I create my Orbs – this topic is covered in great detail

– The Full Monty

Putting everything into practice – join me on a night photography Light Painting shoot where we look at the entire creative process from start to finish

I have not held anything back, as I wanted to share everything with you that I have learned over the past five years. This book is truly a labour of love and I hope you find it incredibly helpful.

This E-book is 55 pages long, costs just £12 and is absolutely crammed with useful information and helpful tips.

Thanks for showing an interest in me and my work, and the very best of luck with your Light Painting journey.