I am delighted (and very excited) to introduce this particular Light Painting and the back story that goes with it. I created this LP back in December 2014 and the story behind it will bring a smile to my face for some time to come.

Back in September of last year someone (thanks Ollie!) suggested that I submit some of my photography work to The Telegraph / Nikon for the ‘I am Different’ ad campaign that was being launched by the UK arm of Nikon. Weeks passed and I heard nothing back, and so I naturally assumed that my work had not made the cut.

However, after another couple of weeks I got an email saying that my work had really impressed them and that they were very keen to work with me on the project idea that I submitted! I cannot describe both the excitement and the nerves that I felt at that point, as I learned that a 6-person camera crew would be flown over to Guernsey to film me making my work. In fact, I still can’t quite believe that this all happened!

After many hours spent planning the logistical side of things that go hand-in-hand when hosting a camera crew at the start of winter on a small island that is regularly battered by high winds and rain (esp in December!), the actual film shoot went really well I am relieved to say. What an experience! I have to express such thanks to the film crew and in particular Steph who orchestrated the whole shoot. And I thought I was busy!

The finished short-film can now be viewed at either of the below links. I hope you enjoy it:





I really hope this incredible coverage helps to spread the word about Light Painting in general. It really is such a magical & creative process.

If anyone out there wants to learn more about Light Painting and Long Exposure photography, then please feel free to check out my Ebook here: